What are Faces

Faces are sets of widgets that can be displayed on your iPad kiosk. They might contain images, texts, videos, products, collections and other commerce-specific media.

You can add as many Faces as you want to create different contexts for your iPad kiosks. You can also link one Face with another via the Cover widget.

How to create a Media Face for your iPad

1. Create a Face.

2. Add widgets.

3. Fill widgets with media. Some of them may contain products or collections details.

4. Preview on a selected device, then Publish.

When you press 'Preview…', a list of active devices is shown. You may distinguish them by name or by Face preview that is displayed nearby.

6. Set created Face as a Home Face for your device. We call it a Home Face as after inactivity time a kiosk returns to its initial screen.


Widgets are media bricks for your Faces. You can create as many widgets within a Face, combine them and change their position. All widgets occupy the entire width of the screen so you don't need to think about layouts.

Text Widget

This widget is good for storytelling and description. It consists of two text fields. They are both optional. If your text has more than 1000 symbols it will be automatically split in two columns.

Cover widget

Great for creating headlines, promotions or banners that lead to another screen. It can consist of a Background Image, Title, a Text and an Action Button that leads to another Face.

Notice that if you don't choose a Face for your button to link to, the button will not be displayed.

Good for displaying your imagery. A Title is optional.

Video widget

Allows you to display YouTube videos on iPad kiosk. They can be looped and muted to become a background that sets the mood.

Product widget

This is the most complex widget. It is aimed to display all product details on one screen. Let customers read product description, view images, choose size, color, style and other options. They then send all this information to an email to continue shopping at home. All product details are edited in Products section.

If you use a Shopify POS, you might also want to let customers make orders on iPad kiosks and accept payments on your POS. In this case turn the Purchase option to Enabled on your Device Settings.

Collection widget

Allows you to organize your products. These selections may be used for an endless aisle catalog, accessories carousel, products list that fit nicely together, etc.

Widget combinations give you endless possibilities for creating interactive media in your store. And even more widgets are yet to come!

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