Adding a new device

As soon as you login to your account on an iPad, it will automatically be added to your Devices section. Each device has a unique preset name for easy distinction. You can change the name any time. We recommend that you name them dependent on how they are used: "Jewelry department", "Jeans", "Blue sweater promo" etc.

Notice that the number of devices is limited by your subscription plan. A trial plan is limited to one device.

You may touch your iPad display with an launched application using 7 fingers simultaneously to quickly find the name of that device.

Editing device settings

Your device always needs to have a Home Face set. If you don't choose one, the first will be chosen automatically.

To check what is currently displayed on one of your kiosks, press a reload icon to see a current screenshot.

Inactivity Refresh lets you set an idle timer for your device. After the set number of minutes of inactivity the device will return to its initial screen—Home Face.

If you have an integration with Shopify POS you can enable purchases on the device. This will allow customers to add products to cart and to send orders to the POS. Don't forget to indicate a location for your device. It must correspond to a location set in your Shopify POS settings.

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