1. The application language can now be set in the admin panel Device settings

3 languages are available in the new Locale field: English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

The language is chosen via a drop-down menu

2. A user now can get information about product stock information straight from the kiosk

Each location will have its own stock information. Stock information can be added to Facelet system through the .xml integration.

Info about the item availability in the current store are shown in the top-right corner of the Product screen

3. New designs for the Product and Collection widgets

Now, on the main screen, a user can see only the most important information about the product: name, image, current and old price, labels like "Sale”, “Discount %” etc.

More information about the product such as stocks,options, details, description user can get by clicking on the button “View Details”

If there are more than 6 products in collection, the Go to catalog button will appear at the end of the list

To open the full products list user need to click on the Go to catalog button, and find the product they need using the Filter or Search options.

4. The Analytics screen has been added to the Facelet admin panel

Now, you can gather analytics on the most active store assistant, the most used device, and popular screen or item, and see it in the admin panel’s Analytics section.

Graph draws the activity of store visitors’ interactions with a kiosk. You can track where and when the device is used by customers the most

You can also analyze which Faces was the most viewed and how many screens customers viewed while interacting with the kiosk

Analytics information is available for Today, Yesterday, Last week and Last month intervals. The intervals can be filtered out using the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Analytics screen

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