1. Sales assistants’  profiles, and option to assign assistant to the exact device

A new section “Assistants” was added to the admin panel.

There user can create store assistants’ profiles and assign them to the exact devices and physical stores locations.

With this option easier control, where and and by whom order was made.

Also there is an ability, assign responsible person to the exact device in “Devices” section

You can also change the consultant on the device. In regards to do this, go to the application account, open the "Consultants" tab and select the needed manager from the list.  

2.  New design of letters with goods

Now the letter displays three photos of the product, and the description of the goods is under its name and price.

If the product has a link to the online store, the letter displays the "View on the site" button, clicking on which, the customer will go to the product page in the online store, where order can be placed.

Letter’s content adapt to the screen size of the device. Owners of mobile phones will no longer have to scroll to the side to read all the details of the order - everything fits on one screen.

3. Application updates

  • Added an animated down arrow that tells the user the direction of the scroll

  • Fixed animation, with the increase in the image of the goods, and added new opportunities to increase the image - with the help of pinch-to-zoom action and click on the image.

  • Ability to zoom pictures in the “Gallery” widget was added

  • In the “Feature” widget, it is possible to open linked face by clicking on the image or text, not just a button.

  • The ability to hide the "Add to cart" and "Send" buttons on the product card is added.

  • In the “Product” widget was added scroll ability in the Description area when the description field is not completely filled with text

  • Fixed location of content in the Hotspot widget. Now the information about the product adapts to the size of the pop-up window and is immediately visible to the user.

  • The location of the buttons and text in the Feature widget has been changed. Now the buttons do not snap to the left edge of the header.

  • A "from" mark is added to the collection, which indicates the minimum price for products that have variants with different prices.

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